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Welcome to Academic Institute of Management Technology...

Welcome To Academic Institute Management & Technology.

With the streamlined course of Institute of Integrated Engineering & Management, we seek to help the students make a successful career early in their lives. With our emphasis on providing broad exposure to a variety of career building courses, students can begin to grasp the concepts and imbibe specific management skills for improving their productivity.

today’s competitive world, it is an imperative that students grasp the concepts relevant to their subject, but also that they are familiar with industry specific technical know-how. To achieve this, we have also introduced a slew of computer courses. The distance learning course makes it very convenient for students to develop the necessary skills and competence without compromising their regular employment or main course in which they are enrolled.

AIMT was established in 1995 is Registered with Govt Of Delhi NO 3066, we are a member of AIMS-ATMA(association of Indian management school),Member IADL (International Association for Distance Learning), it is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified by KVQA ,India and NORSK Akkreditering of Norway maintaining quality standards in distance learning education


                Academic Institute of Management & Technology is one of the India's leading educational foundations with international standards. National Institute of Business Studies is established in Delhi to provide quality education to student through distance learning.

                AIMT is registered with Delhi govt. So we are able enough to provide education on national level. AIMT is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified International B-School Accredited through Norway Accreditation Board.                

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        Academic Institute of Management & Technology- Specialization (or specialisation) is the separation of tasks within a system. In a multicellular creature, cells are specialized for functions such as bone construction or oxygen transport. In capitalist societies, individual workers specialize for functions such as building construction or gasoline transport. In both cases, specialization enables the accomplishment of otherwise unattainable goals. It also reduces the ability of individuals to survive outside of the system containing all of the specialized components. Adam Smith described economic specialization in his classic work, The Wealth of Nations. Specialization is when people specialize in one thing or another which they are good at. One argument holds that the introduction of agriculture to tribes and hunter gatherer's enabled individuals to safely commit more Free Time and resources to maximize their effectiveness in one aspect for mutual benefit to the whole community. Whereas before, this "Free Time" was critically challenged with time spent securing food, shelter and companionship.